MTB Wheels 29"

MTB 29er
29er wheels have a longer wheelbase and a more centered sitting in the bike, this one achieves an ideal center of gravity shift. The large 29-inch wheels bring more smoothness while riding and the rider has a secure feeling.

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MTB 29" Wheels

The ride becomes smoother, the wheelset has more ground contact and thus better traction. A Twentyniner wheel makes your bike fast-paced, speeds up and is at the top speed compared to other wheel sizes. In our configurator you can put together lightweight MTB 29 "wheels front and rear wheels that you can use to tune your bike - no other wheel size can reduce the reduction of rotating mass as much as a 29 inch wheel , Boost, Shimano 11-speed, Sram 11 or 12-speed everything is possible Configure your new lightweight MTB 29 " wheelset to make the test and feel the difference.