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Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes are almost identical at first glance. Cyclocross is a sport that is often used as a winter training. This is especially popular with road cyclists, as a similar seating position is taken. Cyclocross bikes have changed a lot over the years. Disc brakes have also gained ground there, and tire development has also progressed. This sport requires a lot of fitness, skill and driving skills, the load is particularly high for the rider and the material. Add to that the winter weather with all its facets, from snow to rain, mud and cold. Running and driving passages alternate constantly, the rider has little opportunity to regenerate on the track. This is the fascination of this sport, with new materials and technology, the Cyclo crosser can handle even wilder terrain.

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Gravel Bikes, a still relatively new form of cycling, is becoming more and more established. The sporty handling characteristics of the road bike, paired with the off-road capability of Cyclo crossers, make these bikes suitable for driving on asphalt roads and easy terrain. Bike adventure tours with luggage in the terain is the main area of this category.

What are Gravel Bikes?

The rather young category of Gravelbike can be used almost universally. It combines the advantages of road bike and mountain bike and, thanks to its flexibility, inspires a steadily growing group of riders. The attraction of bikepacking tours is also aroused with such a wheel, because you can store everything necessary for your adventure through new luggage systems. Who has not dreamed of taking his road bike into the next field or forest path? That will not be a problem with the new Gravel bikes.

Unlike e.g. a cyclo crosser today's Gravel bike has a slightly more relaxed geometry and a slightly longer wheelbase. This makes off-road riding more stable and less nervous than a crosser. A comfortable saddle, and a road handlebar with a different bend allow the best control in the field and help to leave kilometers behind you. Waterproof packing systems for the handlebars, frame triangle and seatpost attachment are indispensable companions for your weekend trip or the bikepacking holiday. Gravel bikes are Endurance wheels that are designed to give you the best possible support on long and difficult off-road rides. The fun factor is kept very high thanks to its flexibility.

Even the Urban Commuter benefits on his way to work from this type of wheels. Wider tires give more safety and riding comfort even in today's road conditions. Hydraulic disc brakes ensure that you can always come to a safe halt, even when mud and rain are involved. Hardly any other category offers as much variety and flexibility as the Gravel Bike.

We at Fun Works have the right wheelsets for crosser and gravel bikes so you can enjoy your adventure on any ground.