Road Bike Wheels and Wheelsets

Anyone who thinks about racing bikes, thinks of one thing above all: speed. To reach maximum speed, lightweight high-end equipment is required. But not only the weight is crucial. Because the higher the speed, the more control and smoothness the bike must have. The right wheels play a huge role in an area where every second counts.

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No matter if it is for competition or training: With a handmade Fun Works road bike wheelset you will get the decisive advantage. The most important features of road bike wheelsets are summarized: High speed through aerodynamics and low weight, a high load capacity due to the physical forces, it is smoother running at high speeds and with a consistent spoke tension, many of the required features make it possible. No machine can adjust the tension of the spokes as accurately and evenly as our most important resource in our wheel manufactory: The Human. Our technicians can rely on more than 20 years of experience in wheel construction and adjust the tension on the spokes to perfection and that, on every single wheel. Each rim and each spoke has a default, with which the material can be stretched to a maximum. The best technician can only be as good as the material he uses. Therefore, we only use the highest quality materials and work with suppliers, to whom your road bike wheelset is just as important as to us. Precise centering, which also takes place by hand, a maximum smoothness and maximum load capacity is guaranteed. New standards do not stop at a true "classic" sport and we can meet even the most modern requirements. Where once a tire width of 20-23mm was the measure of all things, today wider tires with 25mm are becoming increasingly popular. The advantage: Although the tire has a little bit more rolling resistance, it has improved cushioning (which definitely adds "more" to our road conditions) and better braking performance in use with disc brakes, with more material contact to the ground. Our racing wheel rims offer the inner widths that fit the wider tires, so that the tire can fully unfold and the full benefits will not just go away. The timeless, classic look of our racing bike wheels speaks for itself.

Speed –Handling-Control. Your new Fun Works Road Bike Wheelset brings the performance to the next level .