Crash Replacement Service

You fell or had an accident? Bad enough, but now your wheel is broken too? In that case, you're on the safe side with Fun Works! We grant you (in addition to the statutory warranty) a crash replacement for our wheels. This is valid for 3 full years from the date of invoicing. During this time you pay only the replacement costs for the currently valid price in our shop, as well as the shipping to us. The service fee and the return is free for you!

Procedure of the crash replacement

1. You contact us at and tell us in detail what has gone wrong
2. We check your claim and tell you which spare you need for repair
3. You buy the spare parts via our shop and tell us the order number
4. You send us the wheel at your own expense
5. We rebuild the wheels with the spare parts from your order and send you the article back. The service fee and the return is free for you!

Conditions for the crash replacement

- GValid for all Fun Works wheels purchased at or
- 3 years from the date of purchase
- Transferable to subsequent owners
- Defective / exchanged parts will not be returned
- Customs costs are not refunded
- There is no legal claim to redemption (case-by-case examination)

Excluded are

- Purely optical impairments
- Damage due to improper use (e.g. assembly errors or use in the non-approved area)