Custom Bike Wheel Builder

Custom Wheel
In our custom bike wheel builder you have the opportunity to configure hubs, rims, spokes and nipples individually according to your wishes.
Do you want to optically pimp the wheels with differently colored hubs and nipples?
Do you need a special front hub for Lefty or Sram RS1 forks?
Do you want different spokes or nipples to save the last gram or make the wheels even more resistant?
Does your frame require wheels with a special asymmetric centering such as Cannondale FSI, Liteville Evo 6 or Last Fast Forward?
No problem in the custom bike wheel configurator!
Simply configure your wheel to fit your specific needs.

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How to configure your wheel

You can first make a preselection with the help of the product filter, with the custom wheels that are suitable for you. The bicycle hub is always the base of the custom wheel on which the wheel will be configured.

After you have selected your Basic Custom Wheel or Custom Wheel Set, click Configure Now and start the configuration. You configure the wheels in 8 steps and keep track of the wheel weight and the total price at each configuration step.

1.If there are different types or colors of the selected base hub, please choose the suitable variant in the first step.

2.Select the axle standard on the front wheel. Please check if you use a quick release, a thru axle or a Thru Bolt axle on the front wheel and which hub width you need.

3.Choose the axle standard on the rear wheel. Please check whether you are using a quick release, a thru axle or a Thru Bolt axle on the rear wheel and which hub width you need.

4.Choose freehubs between Shimano Standard or Sram XD freehubs.

5.Choose the right rim for your riding style and the system weight of your bike. For more information about the system weight and the field of application please click on the detail button.

6.Select the wished spoke type.

7.For the nipples, choose between brass and aluminum nipples in different colors.

8. Choose whether your wheel must be centered symmetrically (centered) for normal frames, or whether you need an off-center asymmetric centering for an asymmetrical rear triangle. 95% of all bike frames require normal symmetrically centered wheels. There are few frame manufacturers that provide special models with an asymmetric rear triangle. Among others Cannondale with the FSI standard or Syntace with the Evo 6 standard.

9.At wheelsets you can decide if you would like to order an optional Tubeless Ready Kit for a special discount price.

If all points are configured and each configuration point is marked with a green checkmark, the assume configuration button on the lower right side will turn green. If you want to assume the configuration, please click on the button.

The configuration window is now closed and you are back on the base page of your chosen custom wheel. Here you can now see the configuration again and put the configured product in the shopping cart.

As soon as we have received your order, we immediately start building your wheel. The delivery time of custom wheels is usually 7 working days.