Individual wheelbuilding according to your wishes

Hand built bicycle wheels made in germany!

In order to meet our high quality standards we have on our wheels every Fun Works wheel is built and centered precisely by hand in germany A durable wheel is made out of good material, equally high spoke tension and careful distressing of the spokes. Spoke breaks are very rare and normally there is no need of truing the wheel again.

How is a Fun Works wheel build?

Step 1: Spoke lacing


In the first step, the spokes are laced into the hub in the correct spoke pattern, paying attention to the position of the tension and compression spokes.

Step 2: Setting the spoke pattern and pre-tension the wheel


In the second step, the spokes are crossed according to the specific spoke pattern, the nipple is skrewed and the spoke is pre-tensioned.

Step 3: Wheel truing


The wheel is now trued by one of our experienced wheel builders, centered on a high-quality P&K Lie or Park Tool truing stand. With a consistently high tension under the control of a tensiometer, side and vertical runouts are now centered from the wheel.

Step 4: Pre-Stressing


The wheel is pre-stressed on both sides several times so that the spoke heads and spoke nipples can settle again.

Step 5: Equal Spoke Tension


The spoke tension on all spokes is checked and adjusted again with a Wheelfanatyk tensiometer to ensure an equal spoke tension with perfect dish. Each Fun Works wheel should achieve maximum stability and durability in its respective area of use.

We also build our wheels individually for you.

Do you need a special hub type such as Lefty or Predictive Steering hubs?
Do you want your rear wheel to be centered asymmetrically?
You want to bring more color to our wheels with different colored hubs, spokes or nipples.

No problem in the custom wheel configurator!

Simply configure your own individual wheelset.