MTB Wheels Cross Country

The demands on modern cross country MTB wheelsets have increased in recent years. Racing tracks for mountainbikes are becoming more and more technical, wheel geometries and suspension are at a high level, in order to increase the speed. So that the high stress of the bike in cross-country, or in the marathon / stage races does not lead to premature failure of your wheels, the materials used are constantly being developed.

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What is Cross-Country?

As already mentioned, the term includes driving

  • in terrain
  • on blocked routes
  • in competition with obstacles like "Rock Garden"
  • on other partially artificially constructed sections

Also, a marathon race or the extensive mountain bike tour in the low mountain range is defined as a cross-country area. Big jumps or riding in the Bike Park are not part of this genre and would not serve the durability in lightweight constructions.

For the extremely demanding XC and Marathon, we designed our Fun Works rims and Fun Works hubs. Our rims are designed for tubeless operation, but can also easily drive with it. Especially due to the tubeless suitability, in combination with tires in the width of 2.1" to 2.25", we have adapted our rim inside width in the field of cross-country. Where used to very narrow rims were the order of the day, today's rims have a width of 22 - 25mm.

Our Fun Works Atmosphere 24 SL is an example of modern rims with 24mm inner width and is suitable for a wide range of demanding cross-country and stage races. Combined with a low weight, and the Tubeless benefits are not only dedicated to semi-racers, but also hobby drivers in difficult terrain with a modern and stable rim.

Depending on the driver / system weight, the wheel can be further weight optimized to be competitive for a given competition. Butted spokes, aluminum spokes and our Fun Works hubs enable you to purchase a lightweight, durable wheel that is hand-built.

Our Fun Works Atmosphere 25 XL is the right choice For alpine crosscountry and demanding tours with a backpack. An inner width of 25mm guarantees a perfect fit of the tire even with width of 2.25".

The system weight

System weight is the total weight of rider, clothing and equipment such as a backpack or hydration systems plus the actual bike, also incl. any accessories, such as frame pockets or handlebar abutments.

The Wheelset Parts and the Wheelbuilding

Our rims are made of the most modern aluminum and are tubeless-ready. So, you enjoy the benefits of the tubeless system. Less air pressure here means smoother rolling and additional damping by the tire. More drive and brake traction are further advantages.

Our hubs are elaborately sealed and can be converted to any modern Axle System. Interchangeable freewheel bodies also allow the conversion to Sram XD freehub body.

20 years of experience in wheel construction, help our precision-crafted rims and hubs ensure a symbiosis of durability and application-specific lightweight construction. DT-Swiss spokes and nipples ensure an optimal connection of hub and rim. The spokes we use are differently butted depending on the area of application, so that here too the optimum solution between lightweight construction and durability is given.