E-Bike Wheels Mountainbike

Anyone who rode an E-Bike for the first time and has left the first climb, knows why this young and quite polarizing sports equipment triggers such fascination. Through the electrical support you will literally fly on the trail and take mountain stages with ease. Nevertheless, you move a powerful sports equipment and everyone who has not tested it, should catch up quickly. High torques and the enormous power transmission have a greater effect on the material used.

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A strong device has strong requirements and, of course, requires a higher wear of the drive and components.

This is exactly where our Fun Works wheels come in to shine. We offer hardware specifically designed for E-MTBs that has enough material strength and clever technical solutions to keep the strongest bike in the lane. Sporty E-Mountainbikes have a wide range of uses that only the cross country or all mountain area can offer. The power with which the bike acts on the moving parts, especially the wheels, is enormous. As soon as you step into the pedals and the engine supports, there is immense torque. Immediately, without any delay or slower setup, as is the case with bikes without an electric motor.

Therefore, similarly to Cross Country - All Mountain, larger axle standards, thicker spokes and stronger wall thicknesses have prevailed on the rims. Due to the extra material you can really let it crash in the terrain and the, formerly without electric drive driven Uphill Trail will suddenly be your favorite. Fun Works wheels are hand-build, enduring and reliable, just as sports equipment demands. The widths of the rims and tires are designed specifically for terrain and also provide enough space for wider "Plus" tires so that the profile can unfold and grip properly. We offer - matching - butted spokes, which are made of the highest quality material, while being warp-resistant and lightweight, but still guarantee the highest stability.

The specially designed for E-MTB Fun Works hubs are suitable for almost all axis standards and can be quickly, easily and mostly even tool-free retrofit. The freewheels are made of hardened steel to withstand the higher load of the E-MTB. The interior of the freewheel is optimized for electric drives and has 24 teeth Ratchet Ring, which guarantee perfect transmission. Here is actually less more, because where in the regular MTB area gears of 36 teeth or more than optimum and guarantor for a quick engagement, the enormous power of the e-mountain bike would only require unnecessarily high wear. The solution: Adapted teeth, the Fun Works freewheel significantly reduces wear, each pawl snaps perfectly into place and provides superior control in the drive.

Every wheel that we produce is handmade, stable and exactly adapted to your e-application. The future is electric and you decide! With Fun Works wheelsets